About us

A Spoonful of Honey was founded in early 2020. 


I'm Debs and I moved to Weymouth in 2018, a move that's been a dream for me for many years. I've had a wonderful couple of years building a life in the beautiful surroundings of the seaside. I'm engaged to Paul and have a loving companion in my Staffy Lady (she especially loves the oat, banana and peanut butter treats I make for her).  


It's now time to move to the next adventure of my life, doing something I'm passionate about, supported by those who love me. Baking has been a loving hobby of mine for a long time, I have enjoyed baked with my Mum and Gran over the years and they have taught me everything I know.

I feel my baking skills have come on lbs and oz's and I now feel I'd love to share my yummy creations with you including some amazing Tiffin, Bumblebee Shortbread, Rocking Rocky Road, Orangey Gooey Chocolate Brownie and many more with you all.


I look forward to posting out your Elevense boxes and seeing you at festivals soon.

Unwrap a smile.

A Spoonful of Honey

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